Коври в йога панталонки

Разликата между едно истинско брато и обикновеният мъж е, че вторият става с ерекция, а първият си и ляга с такава. Именно заради това ти пускаме едни коври, които да те вдървят преди сънчо.

Толкова са им впити йога панталонките, че дори бенките на дупарите им личат.

Caught checking out the booty in my new release @gymshark leggings today So glad I got a pair before they sell out! #gymshark @gymsharkwomen Did you see my workout on snapchat?

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@SuperFitBabes Workout Gear! Perfect Christmas Gift for Any Fit Chick! . www.SuperFitBabes.com Link in Bio! . #superfitbabes

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Every day. @giotraining

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I have to roll the top of these pants because they’re too big

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About to go Christmas tree pickin with bramz

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I went total #savage mode on Christmas and I have absolutely no regrets.. But, HONEST TRUTH I would always choose healthy food over junk food for so many reasons! It will boost your energy, you’ll feel more confident in your own skin and of course less health risks that can cause illnesses.. Like a car, your brain & body need quality fuel to run efficiently… So I’m back on track, making sure I’m on point with my supplements and starting my clean eating habit again right now. Don’t wait till 2017, eat clean and get your ass to the gym! – I use my supplements from @myproteinuk If you want to use my DISCOUNT CODE MypbyJESS (Link in bio) www.myprotein.com

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LOVE being back home and getting back into training my clients! – For one on one training email: Dominiquebookings@gmail.com – Snapchat for my booty workout today: dommiletoullec

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Feeling fit and fabulous @aloyoga #healthy #fitness #healthyliving

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NEVER quit! There will always be bad days, days when you feel like you want to quit, when your goals feel out of reach. But just remember with a strong mindset your goals are never out of reach. You can be kicked down 5 times before you stand up once. But when you stand up you need to realise, what got you there?- you have so much strength and you’re capable of so much. You just have to keep grinding!! Keep testing your boundaries, stick to the basics and keep your vision tight. If you feel like you have no direction, seek help to create a clear path.. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having help. But you are the one who has to want it. Always be grateful for those around you that support you and always support yourself. Be prepared for a bumpy road because the road to success is never smooth, it’s just one day at a time! ✔️✌️ #fearless #strong #mindsetiseverything

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Happy Friday! Off to do some Xmas shopping.. but first time to work out Booty training and personalized Meal Plans available Link in bio

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I want it all… is that too much to ask for? ( JUMPSUIT by @shopbombshells )

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Let’s do some yoga at home with @bodyengineersofficial #leggings and #bra www.engineered-life.com Link in my Bio ❤️

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Who’s ready for #yogapants season?

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It’s a epic hump day! So we got a “fitness” pole at my new place #NewAgeCleopatra #yogapants #fitness

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Good morning❤️ time to hustle #worktime #ihatemondays #newagecleopatra

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